NYS DOL Provides Clarification on Paid Leave for COVID Vaccination Recovery Time

The NYS DOL has provided clarification on paid sick leave for employees who may need time off to recover after receiving the COVID vaccination. The guidance does not create new sick leave requirements, but points out that an employee may be eligible to receive paid time off under the existing New York Paid Sick Leave law. Not mentioned in the guidance, but as was previously reported, the federal American Rescue Plan allows for tax credits for employers to recoup costs for leave paid to employees for both getting the vaccination and for recovery.

Click here for the guidance from NYS DOL. Understanding New York Paid Sick Leave, New York Emergency COVID Leave, New York COVID vaccination leave, and the federal COVID leave tax credits can be difficult. Check with your accounting, legal and HR professionals if you are unsure of how the laws may apply to your company. If you don’t currently have a relationship with one of these firms and are looking for recommendations, visit our Professional Services directory at the bottom of this link.

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