Standard Safety Packages – NEW

LEVEL ONE ($700 per year)
Basic Health and Safety Plan (HASP) Plus:

  • New HASP Presentation
  • One Jobsite or Facility Audit

LEVEL TWO ($1500 per year)
Basic HASP Plus Additional Programs:

  • Toolbox Talk Program
  • Five Jobsite/Facility Inspections
  • SDS Program
  • One Onsite Toolbox Talk Training

LEVEL THREE ($2500 per year)
HASP Designed Specifically for Member Plus:

  • Additional Programs
  • OSHA 300 Assistance Review
  • Toolbox Talk Program
  • One Jobsite/Facility Inspection Per Month
  • SDS Program
  • One Kickoff/Annual Training Meeting

Safety Services are Powered By Lawley. To learn more about options for your organization or to get started, email or call the Construction Exchange office at (716) 874-3435.

Other Services Provided Include:

  • Training either in the Construction Exchange office, on the job site or at the member company location on both general safety topics such as the OSHA 10/30-hour Construction Outreach and specialized courses like the 40-hour HAZWOPER.
  • Site audits – from a basic review to a full wall-to-wall inspection – each with a full report of the findings and recommendations on how to improve/meet the regulation. Ask about how you can get a free site audit to try out our services.
  • Customized Safety Manuals that will serve as the foundation for a solid safety program in your company.
  • 24/7 access by phone, email or text to an expert safety consultant to answer your safety questions.
  • Fact-based accident/incident investigation with pictures, diagrams and court testimony if needed.
  • On-site or over-the-phone assistance for any regulatory compliance inspection.
  • Representation at informal conferences for regulatory compliance issues.

Contact the Construction Exchange office to at (716) 874-3435 to learn how Safety Services can help you.

Safety is an essential component of today’s construction industry. Safety-conscious companies have employees with higher morale, lower insurance costs, and more project opportunities available to them.